The Lenfest Foundation


Too many Philadelphia youth are not given the opportunity to pursue the limitless career possibilities they deserve due to circumstances beyond their control. As they reach key points of transition in their youth, all children need support to stay on track toward a happy, satisfying adulthood. The Lenfest Foundation, which made a decision to close its doors in the next 15 years, is striving to make true impact now to create a “new normal” for Philadelphia’s generations to come.

The Lenfest Foundation called upon Sage to help define its direction as a foundation, and solidify its commitment to supporting all children and young adults throughout their younger years and into their adult life. As the Foundation refocuses its giving in three specific areas (early learning, middle school out-of-school time, and career pathways), and prepares to spend down in the coming years, Sage created clear, targeted key messages to drive all communications—including the copy of a brand new website.

After the message development, we worked with design firm P’unk Avenue, who was charged with creating a new logo and site to accurately convey the Foundation’s new direction. The messaging and new branding will be instrumental in The Lenfest Foundation’s approach to ensure that each child in Philadelphia gains the education, knowledge, skills, and opportunities to have a fulfilling and productive life in adulthood.

(*Photo: YouthBuild Philadelphia)

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