The Barra Awards


Leadership, performance, and adaptability. This is the recipe for an exemplary nonprofit, according to the Barra Foundation. To reward organizations who embody these qualities, the Foundation distributes The Barra Awards every other year. Grantees are awarded $50,000 total in unrestricted funding, and they become part a network of collaborators to continue their outstanding work to strengthen communities in Greater Philadelphia.

The Foundation celebrated the 2016-2017 Barra Awardees in June 2016, unveiling a motion graphic to reinforce the value of the Barra Award. Beyond the money attached to the grant, the forty Barra Awardees benefit from breathing room and time for reflection, as well as an opportunity to and connect with other Barra Awardees from different sectors (arts & culture, health, human services, and education). The Barra Awards honor the Foundation’s mission to inspire risk-taking, to reward exemplary organizations poised for positive change, and to foster an environment that encourages innovative ideas and approaches.

Sage was pleased to work with ReMade to create the short motion graphic, the second such project we have completed together for The Barra Foundation.

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