Pennsylvania Humanities Council


The Pennsylvania Humanities Council (PHC)—with new leadership, an expanding board and a fresh strategic plan—was ready for a comprehensive strategic communications plan to enhance its name recognition and to reposition the organization throughout the state. It was in need of creative ideas to rebrand its image and make stronger, sustainable connections.  Creating a communications plan, however, came at a time when there was discussion in the media and in Congress around the idea that the humanities and social sciences were luxuries that the employment-minded younger generation could ill afford. In addition, our research found that few could actually define the word humanities.

Because we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions, Sage partnered with the staff at PHC to develop a tailored, well-planned strategy that included the development of a motion graphic on its new website that gave new meaning to the word humanities and creatively conveyed PHC’s mission.  We were proud to work with ReMade and P’unk Ave throughout the process. Our strategy involved storytelling, messaging, research, and analysis of the issues that were important to PHC. In the end, we built a comprehensive plan that met all of the organization’s strategic goals—making sure that all of the tactics helped move the needle on the organization’s biggest issues.

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