New Leash on Life USA


Dogs and people ready for a second chance. That’s the focus of New Leash on Life USA, a successful re-entry program focused on pairing inmate trainers with at-risk shelter dogs.

Through a 90-day program and 24/7 interaction, both inmates and their canine counterparts graduate with skills to guide them on the next step of their journey. Inmates learn to train and care for the dogs, increasing their adoptability, and they gain important skills for life after prison. The 12-week program provides job and life skills to the inmate participants, as well as post-release internships—often leading to full-time employment. NLOL has an 100% success rate in placing dogs in homes or in positions as service or therapy dogs.

Five years after its founding, NLOL reviewed its programming and tightened its strategic priorities, thanks to a comprehensive plan from J. Nowak & Associates. Along with a revamp of some of its programs and goals, the organization realized a need to communicate its refocused direction and tell its success stories.

Sage, in addition to providing some day-to-day communications support, is in the midst of preparing a strategic communications plan. Our work has helped to identify New Leash’s key audiences, develop a messaging platform to clearly communicate goals, and support outreach to donors, volunteers, and partner organizations.

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