Mayor’s Task Force to Combat the Opioid Epidemic

Opioids are destroying families and relationships and undermining the quality of life in towns and cities across the United States. In a city facing a severe opioid crisis—where overdoses involving illegal and prescription drugs are tragically a leading cause of death—Mayor Kenney decided to put words into action in 2017. His Mayor’s Task Force to Combat the Opioid Epidemic committed several months to listening sessions, research, and collaboration to identify ways turn the tide on Philadelphia’s opioid epidemic.

Sage worked with graphic design partner Maskar Design to present the right messaging and design to package the Task Force’s recommendations. We worked alongside the Department of Behavioral and Intellectual disAbility Services and the Department of Public Health, the leaders of the Task Force, to create a message of hope and help—not tragedy or judgment—through a newly constructed website and a final report. Today, the recommendations made by the Task Force are being implemented by City departments, hospitals and medical professionals, health and human service organizations, and many other partners throughout Philadelphia.

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