Mastery Charter Schools

Image of Mastery Charter School Website on Tablet Laptop and Desktop

When Mastery founder and CEO Scott Gordon was in the early stages of creating his first charter school in Philadelphia, Sage helped to communicate his vision and build a brand. Now, 15 years later with 23 schools in Philadelphia and Camden, Mastery is recognized as the leading charter school provider in the region and one of the best charter models in the nation. Leaders like President Obama and former U.S. Education Secretary Duncan have both praised the educational model and results.

Recently Sage helped to create messaging and content for Mastery’s new website. Over the years, we’ve also created relationships with education reporters to share the Mastery story with the public and helped coordinate events to show the school to potential funders, civic and community leaders.

We are proud of the incredible Mastery team as the Philadelphia and Camden School Districts recognize this charter network for turning around several of the cities’ most distressed and low-performing schools.

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