Healthcare Reform


Beth Ann Swan, Dean of the Jefferson School of Nursing, thought she had a handle on today’s health care system.  When her 53-year-old husband, Eric, suffered a brain stem stroke just before he was to board a flight in Chicago, she found out how wrong she was. After the nightmare of navigating an extremely complicated system, Swan wrote a narrative for the prestigious journal Health Affairs detailing her account.  A condensed version also ran in the Washington Post.

Sage was hired to leverage her story in order to educate and influence audiences that can fix the broken post-hospital stay healthcare delivery system. We provided strategic communications counsel that focused on traditional and online media placements.  Results included a well-read column in The Philadelphia Inquirer and highly-rated interview on WHYY’s Radio Times, as well multiple posts on blogs and Twitter. Swan also told her story in op-eds that Sage placed in the Los Angeles Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer.  Sage’s successful media push has generated additional opportunities for Swan, including interest from TV news, several requests for her participation in panel discussions, and hundreds of emails from people who experienced similar problems.

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