We partner with nonprofit, foundation and public agency leaders to help them think about new ways to influence and educate.

We also connect people, organizations, and socially-minded companies that have similar goals so they can align. Together, we address today’s challenges with new energy and ideas.

Communications strategies that work.

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Recent Projects


Healthcare Reform

Beth Ann Swan, Dean of the Jefferson School of Nursing, thought she had a handle on today’s health care system.  When her 53-year-old husband, Eric, suffered a brain stem stroke just before he was to board a flight in Chicago, … (more)



Philadelphia’s future relies on a solid vision and a real plan to guide future development. But the city had been operating under the same plan since 1960. The Philadelphia City Planning Commission worked to develop a new Citywide Vision, a … (more)


Shared Prosperity

Currently, 27 out of every 100 Philadelphians live in poverty, and 40% of them are children. Working with Sage, the city’s new Mayor’s Office of Community Empowerment & Opportunity (CEO) is tackling the epidemic with a five-goal strategy, Shared Prosperity Philadelphia. The plan engages … (more)